Photo: Bob Howard
Apprentices today not only have to understand the materials of his craft but also the advances in technology that not only makes his work easier, but more accurate.  What you see is at left,  is a system for adding hinges, in this instance, to a door.  This unit not only bores the hole that the recessed hinge occupies but also sets the hinge and installs the screws perfectly every time.  Sounds easy, and to a degree it is, but first the machine must be set to the exact specifications of the job at hand. That's where knowing what is expected of the finish product,  dictates that the craftsman must know and understand the requirements of this exacting machine. So the apprentice of today must learn how to properly use the tools of the past, but also the new tools of today and the future.  But as always, quality, workmanship and the best materials are never compromised at Cherry Mountain Cabinets.